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Laminitis, also referred to as founder, is a complex and serious disease that every horse owner should be aware of. It can occur in horses and ponies of any size, breed, or discipline, and unfortunately can mean the end of your horse’s career, or even their life. The Normal Equine Foot To understand laminitis you

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Tendon Lesion Treatments

Tendon injuries are unfortunately a common occurrence in equine practice. Work or competition at speed, on unlevel ground, or over jumps increases the risk of sustaining an injury to the flexor tendons. When at speed or landing after a jump the fetlock joint is over-extended and the tendon fibres can tear or rupture. Tendon fibres

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Complete Care for your Horse and Pony

Did you know that that world’s horse population is estimated at 75,000,000? Owning a horse or pony can be most rewarding. Aside from the obvious companionship, an equine friend can serve as a wonderful educational tool for young owners/riders and a fabulous source of wellbeing and competition for older owners/riders. Many people on acreage in

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Horse Winter Welfare

With winter now here, it is time to really think about how to look after your horse in the colder weather. Horses and ponies, particularly older ones, can lose weight easily over winter. The nutrition in the grass has fallen, and the paddocks are becoming more bare. Additionally, it takes more energy to keep warm

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Miniature Horses

Miniature horses first came on the scene in the 1600’s when they featured as an exhibit at King Louis the Fourteenth’s zoo of bizarre animals. They became a favoured pet of European aristocracy due to their novelty value but life was not always so rosey. While some miniatures were being pampered in the great houses

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