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Microchipping your pet ensures the best chance of reuniting you with your lost pet.  A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted under the skin of your pet by your veterinarian. It is electronically imprinted with a unique and unalterable code. The code is read by passing an infrared scanner over the animal and this can be done if your pet arrives ‘unannounced’ at a Veterinary clinic or animal pound. Once scanned, the unique identification code is used to identify your pet and therefore you as the owner, via an on-line central pet registry. You can then be contacted to arrange a happy reunion with your lost pet. 

It is however very important that you ensure your pet’s microchip is registered in your name and that if you change your address or phone number, that these details are updated as a priority. If you are unsure how to do this, please ask our friendly receptionist who will be able to assist you with this.

Prescription Diets

Prescription food and veterinary diets give pets balanced nutrition for their health needs. By targeting a range of diagnosed veterinary conditions, these foods offer a specific blend of nutrients designed to support and optimise your pet’s wellbeing.

Prescription and veterinary diet food is also formulated to help manage a range of diseases and conditions. There are prescription diets for dental disease, arthritis, urinary care, renal disease, ageing care, weight management, digestive care and so much more.

Our veterinarians will be able to cater a tailored dietary plan for your pet for their specific needs.

Pet Products
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Explore a wide range of high-quality products including food, toys, grooming essentials, and more.  Start shopping now for a happier, healthier pet!

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