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Equine Reproduction Services

The Equine Reproduction Centre is located on the Warrego Highway at Marburg. The facility spans over 65 acres of improved pasture with safe fencing for both group and individual housing for your horse. As an equine vet, we offer artificial insemination packages, embryo transfer packages and stallion collection services for in-house mares. Mares can also be brought in during certain hours for ultrasounds and consultation with our experienced equine reproduction vets.

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Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer (ET) involves transferring a young embryo from a donor mare to a recipient mare, allowing the recipient mare to carry the foal to full term.

ET offers benefits such as enabling the donor mare to continue her performance career, producing foals from mares unable to carry a foal for an extended period, and obtaining multiple pregnancies from one mare in a breeding season.

Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination (AI) involves the process of inseminating a mare with fresh, chilled, or frozen semen. The procedure begins with regular ultrasound examinations to determine the optimal timing for insemination. Fresh semen can be collected on-site, while chilled semen can be couriered to the facility from anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

High Risk Pregnancy Management

High Risk Pregnancy Management for Mares focuses on the early diagnosis and effective treatment of placental inflammation (placentitis), a leading cause of abortion and neonatal disease in horses. Early detection is crucial to initiate prompt treatment and increase the chances of a healthy foal.

Stallion Services

Stallion Services at WestVETS Reproduction Centre offer a range of comprehensive services for stallion owners. Semen collection, evaluation, and processing can be performed on-site, with dedicated double-fenced and electrified paddocks available for standing busy stallions.

Orphan Foal Adoption

Our Orphan Foal Adoption Program at WestVETS offers a unique solution for orphaned foals. Instead of relying on milk replacers, we induce mares to produce milk without the need for them to have their own foals. The quality of milk produced by these mares is comparable to that of a post-foaling mare, ensuring the foal receives optimal nutrition.

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