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Advanced Diagnostics

In-House Laboratory

We offer a range of both in-house and laboratory pathology services.  Our hospitals are fitted with multiple blood analysis machines, microscopes to examine urine, skin scrapings, ear swabs and lots more. This quality in-house equipment allows us to analyse samples from your pet within minutes in our very own hospital, enabling faster results and treatment for your pet.

If more in-depth testing is required, we are able to send your pet’s sample to a specialist laboratory for analysis. We will then discuss the results with you once they are received.

Digital Radiology

Digital radiography is useful for diagnosing and monitoring conditions involving bones as well as certain soft tissue conditions, particularly those related to the chest and abdomen. Our imaging room is equipped with modern equipment ensuring quality images to enable a fast and concise diagnosis.  

In the event that your pet’s diagnosis involves the need for referral for specialist treatment, we can promptly forward any digital images to the recommended specialists at the click of a button.

Ultrasound Examination

Both our hospitals are fully equipped with ultrasound scanners to assist evaluation of your pet’s condition. Ultrasound examination is non-invasive procedure adding another level of diagnostic capability to the service your pet receives. Ultrasound allows for an insightful window into your pet’s internal organs, which include, but are not limited to, the liver, kidneys, bladder, uterus, intestine and heart. This enables us to provide prompt diagnosis and appropriate medical treatment for your pet. It is also a great tool for checking on pregnancies and to give an estimate of litter numbers.

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