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Did you know that that world’s horse population is estimated at 75,000,000? Owning a horse or pony can be most rewarding. Aside from the obvious companionship, an equine friend can serve as a wonderful educational tool for young owners/riders and a fabulous source of wellbeing and competition for older owners/riders. Many people on acreage in the Western suburbs have the privilege and pleasure of horse ownership and at times it is worthwhile to revisit some of the vital aspects of veterinary horse care.

All horses are continually being exposed to worms and for this reason, prevention of problems caused by worms is one of the most important aspects of horse care. So how can you tell if your horse has a worm problem? Horses that are carrying a heavy worm burden may show signs such as ill thrift, weight loss, poor coat, diarrhoea or colic. These can also be caused by other problems, so it is difficult to tell from the horse’s clinical presentation if it has a significant worm burden. Therefore, the best way to deal with worms is with regular worming every 6 to 8 weeks. The introduction of paste wormers makes this easy and we recommend regular rotation of wormers to help ensure your horse is fully protected.

Have you had your horse’s teeth checked lately? Did you know that your horse’s teeth continue to grow throughout their life? It is commonly accepted that your horse’s teeth should be checked twice yearly. Our Veterinarians have advanced training in Equine Dentistry and they are available to provide a high standard of dentistry to horses of all ages and disciplines in order to keep your horse comfortable, healthy and performing at it best. Many of our clients request a dental workup for their horse together with the annual vaccinations against tetanus and strangles.

Eye, skin and foot conditions can drastically affect the wellbeing of your horse or pony. The humid and wet conditions experienced over the past Summer season have resulted in many and varied wounds, itches, abscesses and issues. It is essential that horse owners keep a watchful eye on their noble steeds and instigate immediate veterinary intervention where concerned.

For all aspects of horse care please contact Anstead Veterinary Practice on 07 3202 7300. With four dedicated equine veterinarians and 3 fully equipped vehicles on the road every day, together with a purpose built equine hospital and surgery we are well placed to assist you with all you equine health care needs. Happiness is owning a horse! Visit our website and join us on Facebook.

Nathan at Anstead Vets.

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