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Category: Preventative Care

Summer Pet Care

It is fair to say that the weather this summer has been extreme – excessive heat followed by excessive rain and fierce storms. Despite these changing weather systems, summer is a wonderful time for sharing the outdoors with your pets. By following a few pet safety tips, you can keep your animal friends healthy while

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Beware Cold & Flu Remedies

In the midst of Winter, the rivers of sneezes herald the flu season. The viruses that cause these ailments in humans are highly contagious to other people but do not affect cats and dogs. However, the medications that we take to relieve our symptoms can result in lethal side effects if ingested by our pets.

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Look Out! Snakes are About

With the warmer weather and the drier conditions, snake sightings have risen dramatically, as too have the cases of snake bite cats and dogs. In the past month alone, we have treated more than 10 incidences of snake bite. Local community development has resulted in built-up residential areas spreading into what was once native bush

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A Warm Winter Reminder

It is that time of the year again. For many of us, winter brings aches and pains, and your companion animals also feel these ailments. Help is close by. You may notice your dogs slowing down and having difficulty getting up particularly after resting. Those lucky dogs that travel can have difficulty jumping into the

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Keeping Warm during Winter

Does your dog have trouble getting up in the morning and seem a bit stiff? Unfortunately, arthritis can be a real pain in the neck….. hip, elbow or back. Pains, stiffness, reluctance to exercise or to perform normal manoeuvres such as jumping into the car are common signs of arthritis. Rarely will your dog show

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Summer Hazards and Christmas Treats

Some readers may have heard the following before but we often find that a reminder never goes astray. Not only does Summer bring good times but it also brings some dangers for your pets. Ticks are back. We are seeing huge numbers of pets affected by paralysis ticks and prevention truly is better than cure.

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Pets Need Dental Care Too

When did you last see a dentist? Many of us will often neglect a regular visit to the dentist while trying to schedule our busy lives, but have you ever spared a thought for your dog or cat? Sadly, pet dental hygiene is often overlooked until their gum disease is well and truly advanced and

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Booster Vaccines – Are They Really Necessary?

Primary vaccination is essential in order to prevent the once common puppyhood and kittenhood diseases that caused high levels of fatality from returning. However, recent research indicates that all vaccines may not require yearly booster vaccines. There is no evidence that annual booster vaccination is anything but beneficial to the majority of pets. Published research

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Vaccinate And Protect Your Pets

The advent of vaccines represents one of the cornerstones of modern medicine. There is no question that vaccines control diseases which produce significant morbidity and mortality in our pets and livestock. We now enjoy relatively low incidence of diseases which were once common place, and as such, it is easy to become complacent about many

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Be Prepared For Tick Season

Spring marks the start of Tick Season and this is proving to be one of the worst tick seasons on record. The tick season started early this year and we have seen a huge increase in tick paralysis cases in both dogs and cats. The holiday season is also fast approaching and many pet owners

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My Pet has a Tick

If you see a tick on your pet, you should remove it as soon as you can and keep it for your vet to identify. You can use tweezers, specially made tick removers, or if you’re not squeamish, your finger nails. Don’t be overly concerned if some of the tick’s head is left behind, it

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The Fat and Skinny on Obesity

There is a common adage that owners with obese dogs or cats are “loving their pets to death”. And this can be taken quite literally. The extra treats or the table scraps could very well be pushing your pet towards the grave. Overweight cats are at an increased risk of arthritis, urinary tract infections, liver

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Managing Obesity In Our Pets – Part 2

In the August issue of The Local Bulletin we raised the topic of obesity in our pets. About one quarter of our pets are obese and many more are above optimum weight. There are numerous factors that contribute to weight gain in our pets, but put simply, overweight pets eat too much for their metabolic

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Managing Obesity In Our Pets – Part 1

The human animal bond we share with our pets is strong. We love to spoil them by buying them toys, cute little coats, beds (or let them sleep on our own) and worst of all feed them treats. A well rounded figure is increasingly being perceived as normal amongst many pet owners. Society has become

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Obesity in Dogs

I have been told that my dog is obese and must be put on a diet. Is this true? Nearly one-third (33%) of all adults in the United States are obese. Unfortunately, this same number now applies to our pets. Obesity leads to several diseases both in pets and people. Type II diabetes, heart disease

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