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Category: Other Pets

Something to Crow About

Keeping a few chickens in the backyard is not only pleasurable but can be beneficial to your kitchen and gardens. One of the most common reasons for keeping pet hens is their ability to provide a daily source of fresh nutritious free range eggs. Hens typically start laying around 18-20 weeks of age, although this

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Rats as Pets

A rat could be the perfect addition to your family if you have limited space, don’t want the long term commitment of a dog or cat, or simply if you want to enjoy the pleasure of owning a pocket pet. Rats are intelligent, curious animals that can make wonderful pets, living on average 2-3 years.

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Pocket Pets

When considering what sort of animal to buy for your next pet, maybe you should consider a ‘pocket pet’. While here in Queensland the type of pocket pets we can keep is limited by law, the rats, mice and guinea pigs that we can legally keep make great pets. Rats are often thought of as

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